New Yuna & Tida business cards!

We made new business cards using Melissa Naomi Tran’s amazing portrait of us! Come grab one next time you see us perform! Advertisements

Tida’s Midnight Sketchbook: Curiosity killed the Cat

Lately Tida’s belly has been getting bigger and from time to time Yuna gets a sneak peak at his belly button. To Yuna, this sparkly navel gleams and glitters like a precious stone… Continue reading

Art by Melissa Naomi Tran

Check out this amazing art work done by our lovely 13 year old friend, Melissa Naomi Tran. She is such a great artist, and we are excited to work with her! We have… Continue reading

Monthly Live at VegiLicious!

We are excited to share with you that we have been invited back to perform at VegiLicious again on July 19, Wednesday night from 6:30pm. Welcoming everyone who would like to eat healthy!… Continue reading

Sanshin Live at VegiLicious!!!

On June 21, 2017, Wednesday evening from 6:30pm, Yuna & Tida will be playing a Sanshin set at VegiLicious! Vegilicious is a vegan & organic restaurant in Huntington Beach. 16821 Alqonquin Street #103… Continue reading

YouTube Videos Up!

It has been a good minute since we uploaded any videos on our YouTube, so here they are! Hope they were worth the wait. You can also watch the videos on our… Continue reading

Tida’s Midnight Sketchbook: How the world ended

Occasionally Yuna wakes in the middle of the night to quench her thirst.  On one particularly dark night Yuna was awoken from her slumber due to an especially dry throat. In a sleepy… Continue reading

Tida’s Midnight Sketchbook: Paintpose, Patchwork, Wind, and Bikes

Another Yuna & Tida adventure for you guys! This time it’s as our Photobooth duo Paintpose!  We recently ventured into the craft festival known as patchwork and tried putting up our Photobooth (which… Continue reading

Tida’s Midnight Sketchbook: Tuna & Tina

So often we have our names mistaken even though we don’t think it’s really that difficult to say or remember! We’ve been given checks, had MC’s, fans, show managers, & friends that all… Continue reading

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