Tida’s Midnight Sketchbook: How the world ended

Occasionally Yuna wakes in the middle of the night to quench her thirst. 

On one particularly dark night Yuna was awoken from her slumber due to an especially dry throat. In a sleepy haze Yuna walked over to the kitchen and filled a glass of water. 

Slowly entering her dark room as to not knock anything over or trip on anything, Yuna successfully made it back to her bed in one piece. 
 However, due to the darkness combined with her half-asleep state, Yuna was not able to see the contents that had been resting on the tabletop. Two essential oil bottles and another glass of water used for watering plants.

With her eyes practically closed, Yuna attempted to set her water down onto the table. 

{Boom! Bang!}

After two unsuccessful tries and knocking down both essential oil bottles Yuna tried to calmly gather herself and slowly put her cup down.


Yuna’s hand collided with the cup filled with water for plants resulting in water spilling everywhere. 

Knowing nothing else could be on the table to knock over Yuna frustratingly set down her cup without trying to be careful anymore.


This sound was the result of the End-of-the-world button that came preinstalled when she bought the table from ikea. 

When she heard the click Yuna’s frustration and sleepiness had worn off, replaced by a feeling that can only be expressed by the words “f my life”. 

The end.

P.S. This is a true story.