Sanshin Live at VegiLicious!!!

On June 21, 2017, Wednesday evening from 6:30pm, Yuna & Tida will be playing a Sanshin set at VegiLicious! Vegilicious is a vegan & organic restaurant in Huntington Beach.

16821 Alqonquin Street #103
(in the Trader Joe’s plaza)
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Some of you may know but Yuna was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune illness back in 2015, and since then her diet has been restricted, which was very hard because she not only loved to eat but ate a lot. Tida’s grandma always says “everytime I look at Yuna, she’s eating!” So with that being said it’s been a pretty rough road. Since the beginning of the healing journey, eating out was out of the question. That is until we found VegiLicious a few months ago. For the first time after getting ill, Yuna had a birthday cake this year!

Akira and Ana are the owners of VegiLicious. They opened about 5 years ago to create a better, happier, and healthier world. Not only have they brought the joy of eating out back into Yuna’s life but for the many of us who have restricted diets, and the growing numbers of aware people about how unhealthy fast food and many restaurants are!

But we got a problem.

Akira and Ana are here on a working visa that they renew every few years. This year the government will not renew their visa unless they make more sales at the restaurant within the next month. Which means Vegilicious could be shut down and also Akira and Ana will have to go back to Japan.

So we couldn’t sit still, and we only have music to offer. So we are performing there on one of their slower days so we can keep this spot open and for our friends to stay in the US. They are a small mom & pop shop, and it’s ran by the two of them. They make everything from scratch using only organic items. Yes, we are happy to say their business is growing and more people are coming out to eat but it’s not enough to renew their visas (according to our government), so please help us help them stay! We need their food!!

Thank you and see you at the party! Everyone’s invited!!!