Tida’s Midnight Sketchbook: Paintpose, Patchwork, Wind, and Bikes

Another Yuna & Tida adventure for you guys! This time it’s as our Photobooth duo Paintpose! 

We recently ventured into the craft festival known as patchwork and tried putting up our Photobooth (which are all hand painted backdrops by Miki Lorena K) and it was… Quite the adventure…

As you can see from the comic it didn’t exactly go as planned. We tried to make the best out of bad conditions but it just wasn’t enough. People nowadays seem to not like pictures at all. 90% of the people kept saying no when we asked if they wanted free pictures! And what’s more we even offered awesome Polaroid pictures for $5 and everyone still denied 😦 Where are all the Polaroid hipsters at??

As the day went on we didn’t properly account for how the wind would affect the backdrop; which resulted in the backdrop flying all over the place! 
After several wind gusts that made our hearts skip a beat, one of the staff gave us a heavy water jug to tie down one of the backdrop frame legs. That helped keep the backdrop steady from the wind. 

But this was not a happy ending. Someone thought it would be a great idea to make some kind of bicycle valet parking lot right behind our booth. The area behind our backdrop quickly became populated with 20 to 30 bikes and eventually the gusts of wind decided if they weren’t enough to knock our Photobooth over, perhaps a bicycle would do the trick. 

Yuna fought back with all her might, and even suffered an injury on the right arm. Bicycles were tipping over left and right all over our backdrop!

Yuna’s rage meter was pushed to the limit and she was able to perform her secret ability the flying sorcerer kick which defeated the evil bicycle mob in one fell swoop. 

Meanwhile Tida unaware was still trying to get people to take pics while Yuna was fighting off evil hordes of wind gusts and bicycles.  

The end.

P.S. Tida’s hair is getting really messy.