Meaning: Moon/Night in Uchinaguchi (Okinawan language)

Yuna is the moon, the night. She lights up the night with darkness. She is usually angry and feared, yet may crack a grin if Tida falls on his face, as he is her sunshine.

Choice 1: Voice (Minyo, Hip Hop, Jazz, Spoken Word)
Choice 2: Sanshin
Choice 3: Bass
Choice 4: Frown (They know to stay away)
Choice 5: Monotone punchlines (Just keeping Tida grounded, that’s all)

Element: Fire

Fun fact: She had a store in Melrose at one time.

Other activities: Piano, Sound Therapist, Poet, Writer, Dancer (Swing, Flamenco, Tahitian, Tap), Pandeiro, Boxing, Fashion/Clothing designer, Sharpie artist, Artist, Reiki artist, Witch, Hairstylist, Photographer

Other names/aliases: Toni, Kat, Miwa, Naima Wanderlust, miwaLyric, Ekkah Tree, The Silent Enigma