Meaning: Sun/Day in Uchinaguchi (Okinawan language)

Tida is the sunshine of the group. He lights up a room with his smile and positive energy. He is usually loved and happy, and always trying to cheer Yuna up.

Choice 1: Voice
Choice 2: Sanshin
Choice 3: Guitar
Choice 4: Smile (Ladies fall to his feet)
Choice 5: Goofiness (He thinks he’s funny)

Element: Water

Fun fact: He did breakdancing at one time.

Other activities: Writer, Dancer (Swing, Breakdancing), Artist, Photographer, Graphic Design

Other names/aliases: Roni, Sid, Yuki, Asura, The Dancing Viper, Siddartha, Sidalay, Cacao Nibs, Quarternips